Our Last Day Together

Who said being the younger sibling meant no responsibility is a story about a relationship beyond boundaries.

Don’t Just Dream The Next Big Step

We’ve all had this self-doubt in our mind of – What next in life – call it your career, jobs, or even a small decision that poses a huge impact in your life.

The Last Dance

He had this craving for her and he confronted it in his last dance. His last dance!

Her ‘Free’dom

The photographer lived her life carefree! Read ahead how is she described!

Inexplicable Words of a Soldier

The inexplicable words of a soldier. Followed by Dylan Thomas famous lines:
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

“My Life’s spun in a web, What’s yours?”

An early August Sunday morning on alarm bells, I was up before everyone else. Took the bike keys swiveling around my fingers, Zipped the windcheater without any linger. Scooted over to the nearest lake shivering. The windcheater couldn’t cheat those razor-sharp raindrops, I was shuddering. With blinding sight, I made it safe to the place….

Unveiling the true beauty

Beauty was defined not by the way you look, I shrugged off, uttering these words ogling from the nook.

The Wanderlust

  He had the traveller’s lust, Exploring nature’s best. The love for the wilderness, The sweet aroma of the wet soil, Engulfing himself in the greeneries, He searched for nature’s uniqueness. His travelling experiences were beyond words, They turned him into a story teller. The departure to unknown lands, Made him glad about his own…

Life. Second Chances.

Life. Second Chances is similar to your crush you had in your life and the impact of both souls.

The Story Doesn’t End Here

Storms are bound to hit on a windy night. Sometimes you fall and you fall hard taking time to dust yourself. For everyone, it isn’t that simple and easy to get through some phases of life. You don’t do the same errs twice, but life is a box full of surprises. So was he in…